What to expect from Sixty Recipes Search Engine

Sixty Recipes public search engine uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to create high-performance indices for publicly available Recipe sources.

Search quality

The search service uses dictionaries and domain models to produce quality search results, by continuously learning from every search request.
Visitors can help us improve the service by rating the relevance of results returned for a search query.

Search efficiency

To Find top Recipes more quickly, visitors should use some of these search tips.

Cut search times dramatically

We present a snapshot of the Recipe, including an image and community ratings, to help visitors decide whether to visit the source page.
Our pages are designed for relatively Low-Bandwidth data access, without advertisements, auto-play audio and videos or heavy scripting and tracking.

Extra features

Visitors can create Recipe Collections, to save and categorize favorite recipes they may want to share or try later.


We do not ask visitors to register an account, or to provide us with any personal information.
Furthermore, we do not use third-party cookies that can track visitors after leaving our website, or provide the search terms in the referer HTTP header.