Sixty Recipes Snapshot Content

Sixty Recipes is a public search engine that creates and maintains high-performance indices for publicly available recipe sources.

The search engine uses an automated internet crawler to find quality recipes and retrieve some relevant content that is later used to create and present a snapshot of the Recipe in the search results, including an image thumbnail - to help our users decide whether to visit the source page.
The search results and the snapshots contain links to the source page, along with displaying the hosting website and the author of the recipe.

If you would like to learn more about how our Kitextbot crawler operates, please visit page.

If your content was indexed and appears in search results on Sixty Recipes service, and you would like to limit or remove it, please update your pages "meta" instructions, and /or robots.txt file to block our crawler from accessing your pages. The content will be removed from our indices next time when the crawler attempts to visit your pages.
Should you wish the snapshot content to be immediately removed from our indices, please use our contact page to send a request. The request must provide complete and verifiable information about the content and yourself, as a legal entity who owns that content.